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004: Mohamed Latib: I was left all alone

//004: Mohamed Latib: I was left all alone

004: Mohamed Latib: I was left all alone

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Podcast Show Notes with Mohamed Latib

What would you do? Join me as Mohamed Latib shares his story as a teenager in a boarding school in the Himalayan Mountains. At the age is 14, at the end of the academic school year and facing 3-months of winter vacation Mohamed found himself in a situation that none of his fellow classmates had to face. This moment shaped the course of his life forever.

Learn what Mohamed did as he shares with you his story of perseverance, resilience, and peace.

Mohamed is the form Dean of Gwynedd-Mercy University’s School of Business and Center for Lifelong Learning. Prior to that, he was Vice-President for Program and Strategic Development at DeSales University where he headed the MBA Program and led the University’s international initiatives that resulted in the implementation of programs in Romania, Italy, Peru and India.

He has conducted executive and corporate training programs for over 35 years across the USA and Globally. He has designed custom programs on many topics. Some sample topics include strategic thinking, leadership, teamwork, effective communications, multi-rater feedback, conflict management, change management, customer service and listening.

He has also served as a consultant, mentor and coach to senior executives in global corporations such as Siemens, Air Products, Dominion Textiles, Swift Textiles, Pennsylvania Power and Light and Smithfield Meats. He is certified in Myers Briggs and other assessment tools and has used them to counsel senior executives in their development programs.

Mohamed has traveled extensively across the globe, lived on three continents for extended periods and has even hiked in the Andean range, and the Amazon and Sub-Saharan jungles. He is familiar with eight languages at various levels of fluency and is a keen golfer and yoga practitioner.

Mohamed is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of PeriscopeIQ. He leads the company’s practice in employee and customer engagement. In this role, his task is to explore innovations to that are grounded in scientific methods so that executives get reliable and valid actionable insights for making decisions to drive business performance.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

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“My experiences over three continents has allowed me to be who I am.” -Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“You are a leader as long as you have followers.” -Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“Take not away my happiness when you give me prosperity.” -Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“When you give me strength take not away my sagacity.” -Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“When you give me glory take not away my humility.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“When you give me humility take not away my dignity.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“Take not away my grace when you give me authority.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“Leadership has a responsibility.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“Maintain your grace with the authority and responsibility that comes with leadership.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“In order to be an effective leader it begins with self.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“I need to always challenge my assumptions.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“The interpretation of the world we are in can be problematic.”-Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

“The dignity of human beings should be fundamental to leadership.” -Mohamed Latib Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Mohamed traveled the world at an early age. As he traveled the world there were several experiences that shaped his disposition towards the rest of the world. Mohamed shares a story where he wished the ground opened up and swallowed him up. Listen to the show to find out what Mohamed did and what he learned.

Leadership Epiphany

The dignity of human beings shall be fundamental to any form of leadership responsibility that he would have in his life.

Best Leadership Advice Received

If you follow me you will always get ahead because together we can conquer lots of obstacles.

Secret to Success

A disciplined lifestyle

Best Resource


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