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Building Consistent Customer Engagement through Effective Team Communication

When companies don’t foster open communication and establish regular, open conversations, they may experience inconsistency in customer experiences, decreased productivity, missed opportunities, low employee morale, and decreased customer satisfaction. These issues can negatively impact the success and growth of the business.

In this episode, David Avrin stresses the importance of regular, open conversations among team members to ensure consistent engagement with customers. He suggests that the purpose of these conversations is not to agree with each other, but to explore scenarios and come to a consensus as a company. This consensus helps create a consistent customer experience and sets a clear standard for how the business interacts with its customers. By fostering open communication and establishing a strong team culture, these conversations empowers businesses to create a positive and memorable customer experience.

David Avrin was born in Los Angeles, his family moved to Denver, Colorado when he was very young. The second oldest of six kids and the son of an actual rocket scientist, David learned early the importance of being bold and finding his place, lest he be lost in the mix. Like the small chicks in the nest, all clamoring for food and attention, those who were timid rarely got the work or the last piece of pizza.

Growing up, each of his siblings found a different niche, from sports to writing and more. In high school, David gravitated toward theater and music, ultimately securing a full scholarship to study acting in college. However, a few years in, David came to the realization that he was not likely to be able to support a wife and kids doing community theater somewhere like God’s Wrath, Iowa, so he ultimately changed his major to journalism and studied marketing and advertising.

After college, he quickly found himself often on the TV news, not as a reporter, but as a community affairs spokesman for the Denver health department and later PR director for Denver’s Children’s Hospital.

In 1995 David Avrin opened his own PR and Marketing agency and worked with some big national brands like Boston Market and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He also was increasingly asked to present for conferences and local meetings and discovered that you can actually get paid to speak! For a true extrovert, this was a revelation.

For nearly 25 years, David has been speaking to and consulting with organizations in 25 counties on 6 continents. Initially speaking on marketing and brand strategy and, more recently, leveraging a superior Customer Experience to create meaningful differentiation.

As new empty nesters, David and his wife Laurel are focused on helping their 5 grown kids ages 19 – 28 make it in the world and working to leave the campsite a little better than they found it.

The Legacy he wants to leave behind is one of kindness, encouragement, and mentoring. David believes that for those of us who have enjoyed a large measure of success, it’s essential that we send the elevator back down.

When he is not traveling extensively helping companies become ridiculously easy to do business with, David and his wife Laurel live happily in the Denver suburb of Highlands Ranch Colorado.

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Be humble.

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Not falling back into my old habits of feeling like I had to do everything myself.

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Nobody will share your sense of urgency.

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