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Building a Healthy Workplace: The Cornerstone of Consent Culture

In this episode of the Fast Leader Show, Dr. Laura McGuire shares her insights on a range of topics, from emotional intelligence and inclusion to stress management and leadership development. She emphasizes the importance of consent, trauma-informed care, and human connection in fostering a positive work environment. Dr. McGuire also discusses the need for accountability and responsibility in addressing others’ needs, as well as the challenges of bridging the generational divide in leadership.

One key takeaway is the significance of personalized communication in effective dialogue. Dr. McGuire highlights the importance of contextualizing and differentiating in order to achieve goals and foster understanding. She also shares her personal and academic goals, including pursuing a master’s degree in Divinity and a doctorate in educational leadership for change. 

Another key theme is the power of compassion and overcoming self-doubt in effective leadership. Dr. McGuire encourages leaders to embrace change and break free from cognitive dissonance, unlocking the potential of AI and other transformative technologies. She also emphasizes the value of building trust and connection in the workplace through effective communication and understanding emotional cues. 

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights and practical tools for leaders looking to enhance their emotional intelligence, embrace change, and cultivate interconnectedness. Tune in to the Fast Leader Show to hear Dr. Laura McGuire’s wisdom and learn how to unleash your leadership potential.

Dr. Laura McGuire was born in Tennessee and raise between Connecticut, Maryland, and Florida. Their parents divorced when they were three years old and they were raised by an incredible single mom. They have three half-siblings who are much younger so they were really raised as an only child.

Growing up Dr. McGuire always had a strong bend toward justice and invoking peace. In kindergarten, they created “peace cookies” and asked any student who ate one of their dove shaped cookies to make a promise not to tease or taunt the other students for the rest of the year. After dropping out of high school Laura entered an abusive marriage at 19. It was only after earning their GED and BA that they were able to leave and start a new life as a single mom and teacher for at-risk youth. 

Dr. McGuire earned their bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Thomas Edison State University and their graduate degrees in Educational Leadership for Change from Fielding Graduate University. Dr. McGuire’s doctoral dissertation, entitled “Seen but Not Heard: Pathways to Improve Inclusion of LGBT Persons and Sexual Trauma Survivors in Sexual Health Education,” examined the marginalization of sexual minorities within health education on a global scale. They currently are earning their Masters of Divinity at Earlham Seminary where they are studying the intersections of Judaism, trauma-informed care, and restorative justice in faith settings.

Dr. McGuire is a certified full-spectrum doula, professional teacher, certified sexual health educator, and vinyasa yoga instructor. Their experience includes both public and private sectors, middle schools, high schools, and university settings. In 2015, they served as the first Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program Manager at the University of Houston, and in 2017, they became the first Victim Advocate/Prevention Educator at the US Merchant Marine Academy. They have created the world’s first certifications in trauma-informed care for industries spanning from law to insurance.

They are a certified member of the American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and The Society of Professional Consultants. They are a graduate of The National Leaders Council and are currently a fellow with the Institute for Social Innovation where they are researching sexual medicine competency in provider care. Dr. McGuire lives in central Florida, where they work as an adjunct professor at Widener & Dominican University and CEO at The National Center for Equity and Agency. They enjoy reading, being outdoors, and travel. They have a tween and teenager and remarried in 2021.

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Advice for others

Challenge your limiting beliefs. You’re capable of more than you think.

Holding her back from being an even better leader


Best Leadership Advice

To lead with compassion and empathy above all.

Secret to Success / Tools

Having a deep sense of interconnectedness with other human beings.

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