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202: Hamish Knox: I just stopped learning

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Hamish Knox had the worst 20-minutes of his life. He was on a prospecting call with a senior vice president of a chemical company and he failed miserably. He knew all of the content he needed to know, but that was not good enough. Hamish realized he stopped learning and was unable to add value.

Hamish Hamish Knox grew up in the village of Malakwa (Mal-a-kwa), British Columbia halfway between Vancouver and Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway on a 10-acre hobby farm. His parent’s instilled in him a passion for education and discovering, George Carlin at the age of eight instilled a love of language and languages that continues to this day.

Both of his parents have a background in education, if he’s being cheeky he’ll say that he joined Sandler because his mom always wanted him to be a teacher. Hamish actually started coaching when he was in his teens as one of the founding coaches of the Sicamous (Sick-a-moos), British Columbia Minor Soccer Associates.

He also founded the men’s basketball team with five friends at his secondary school when he was in grade 10 and founded the women’s basketball team as head coach when he was in grade 11.

Hamish owns Sandler in Calgary, part of the larger global Sandler network, but he started out as a sport journalist mostly writing for the Other Press in New Westminster, British Columbia. He also wrote for Inside Lacrosse Magazine and has written for India Business Magazine and the GreenSky blog.

Hamish has written two books, both on topics no one likes to talk about. Accountability the Sandler Way was published in November 2014 and Change the Sandler Way followed in September 2016.

His work fueled his passion for education specifically gaining expertise in neuroscience, human psychology, behavior and development. A model of the human brain sits in the primary training room of his training centre and is a recurring feature during sessions, especially with his leadership development group.

Shortly after he joined the network, Hamish started training in muay Thai under Ajarn (ah-jarn (master)) Mike Miles in Calgary where he discovered synergies between the structure of muay Thai and the structure of the systems he shares with his clients. In 2016 he earned his first level black prajiat (pray-ji-at (belt)) and continues to train regularly while supporting fighters at the gym through sponsorships so they can compete locally and internationally.

Hamish lives in Calgary with his wife of 16 years and two daughters, 6 and 3. He also makes jam and sausage…. Sometimes he shares.

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  1. Hamish Knox December 5, 2018 at 7:51 am - Reply

    Thank you for having me on, Jim. I had a tonne of fun with our conversation. You made it easy to share.

    See you on the road to excellence,

  2. Jim Rembach December 5, 2018 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Hamish, the pleasure and honor was mine. Thanks for helping us get over the hump! – Jim

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