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014: Ramesh Subramanian: Be ready to hit it

//014: Ramesh Subramanian: Be ready to hit it

014: Ramesh Subramanian: Be ready to hit it

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Ramesh Subramanian Show Notes

Ramesh lived a nomadic type of life in his early years. He found himself with an entirely new set of friends every few years. This had a profound impact on Ramesh as he wanted to grow and learn but was delayed by not having strong friendships. Being able to learn how to connect better and prepare better has helped him to have a better career and life. Listen to Ramesh tell his story about what he learned and what has helped him to be successful in a career with global responsibilities so you can move onward and upward faster.

Ramesh calls himself a nomad as he was born in the East of India, moved to the south of India, and then to the west of India for his education.
His father worked for an oil company and the family moved every 3-4 years. At a young age, Ramesh was fascinated with computers even though it was not prevalent during the day. Eventually he received a bachelors in computer science from Pune University. And then followed his father’s footsteps and received a Master’s in Marketing.

Ramesh started his career in consulting and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Brazil, and Thailand before coming to the US.
Now Ramesh considers himself a global citizen and loves to meet people from various cultures and experiences and creating his family’s social network. But to no surprise he does not want to uproot his family.

In Ramesh’s current role he creates strategies for consumer care and identifies and cross-pollinates best practices across various global markets for Electrolux.

Ramesh and his lovely wife Megana are the proud parents of two young children, Ishita and Ishan.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

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“If you don’t learn you are obsolete.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“Life experiences teach you more than any book can.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“You need to give people time to ensure that they understand you are worthy of their trust.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“Trust is foundational to any relationship.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“Always know there will be curve-balls and be ready to hit it.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“There has to be a level of thrill in whatever you do.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“When you are doing something you feel is adventurous you give more than 100%.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“First and foremost I would have more emphasis on people.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“People together contribute significantly.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

“As I grew up I realized the importance of people.” -Ramesh Subramanian Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Ramesh moved are a lot as young boy and as a young adult. Building a new set of friends every few years that could help him adapt and thrive was a difficult hump. It’s one that Ramesh got over after a lot of lessons were learned. Listen to Ramesh share many stories about his life that have allowed him to be successful with his responsibilities for a global consumer brand. Through his life experiences we can all learn some valuable lessons about how to adjust, connect and get ahead. Ramesh shares an amazing story about his arranged marriage and the roller coaster ride his wife had after they were married.

Leadership Epiphany

Always prepare for the curveballs because they will always come.

Advice for others

  1. Have a plan to take care of your family first.
  2. How adventurous can you make your life?
  3. Try to be patient.

Holding him back from being an even better leader

Being more patient

Best Leadership Advice Received

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.

Secret to Success

Insatiable desire to learn

Best Resources in Business or Life

My crooked mind…always figuring a way out.

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Contacting Ramesh

Email: rameshdon [at]

More Resources

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