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021: Peter Haid: Career can pull you too far

//021: Peter Haid: Career can pull you too far

021: Peter Haid: Career can pull you too far

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Peter Haid Show Notes

Peter was out of balance. He entered a situation that required an entirely different level of teamwork. Luckily he realized that he needed to shift his attention and put some things on pause to focus on what matters. Listen to Peter tell his story as he shares much more about how to be bold, make a change and to go first.

Peter Haid, husband, and father of two wild toddler boys… was raised in beautiful Colorado and still resides there today.  As a kid, Peter could be found anywhere from the varsity golf team to building a potato launcher with friends in the garage. Shaped by his older brother’s pull towards adventure and his sister’s pure heart for scholastics, Peter landed somewhere in the middle.  He inherited his mother’s passion for helping others and his father’s business skills.

Peter joined the corporate world at the age of 18 and finished two degrees at CU Denver taking night classes. He has launched several startups but is most proud of the innovative, volunteer-boosting, platform nurtured out of his entrepreneurial MBA; a 501C3 non-profit.  His professional experience includes over sixteen years in business operations and customer experience management.  His current focus is 50% family and 50% lasered in on Customer Experience strategy and executive coaching.  He is honored to be considered a CX Expert by the CXPA and drive momentum into the human side of business.

Peter has a personal mission and a message.  His mission is “to gratefully be a loving husband, serve noble causes with integrity, and never lose a spirit of adventure in this rehearsal life”. His message is for millennials looking to fast track their leadership… “Pull your head out of your apps”.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Listen and @peterhaid will help you get over the hump on @FastLeaderShow Click to Tweet

“Career can actually pull you too far in one direction.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Leaders go first.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“By definition, a leader is in front.”-Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Going first with a smile is leading in a lot of places.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Smiling and positivity is so critical.”-Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Why do you work so hard…what’s that all about?” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Give before you take.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“I need to give them a voice before I ever ask for a voice for myself.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“There is an artificial sense of relationship that is being created by our devices.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Knowing how to be human in a one-on-one real interactive way is key.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“There is nothing that can replace the one-on-one human interaction.”-Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“I’m very concerned about our next generation of leaders.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Humans need one-on-one interaction.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Never take away another man’s dignity.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

“Proverbs is a book that is just full of nuggets of wisdom.” -Peter Haid Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Peter found himself out of balance and needing to make some changes. He realized he was in a situation that required an entirely different level of teamwork. He came to realize that he needed to shift his focus and attention towards the things that matter the most. Peter shares his story and much more. Listen in so he can help you get over the hump and move onward and upward faster.

Advice for others

Millennials, get your head out of your apps and have more one-on-one human interaction. And your career can only get so high if you’re only focused on your practiced and ignoring the importance of relationships.

Holding him back from being an even better leader

Day-to-day endurance.

Best Leadership Advice Received

Never take away another man’s dignity.

Secret to Success

Staying positive. Being intentional about staying positive.

Best Resources in business or Life

A book in the bible called Proverbs. It’s full of nuggets of wisdom.

Recommended Reading

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers

Contacting to Peter

Email: peter [at]


More Resources

54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Competencies List: Emotional Intelligence has proven to be the right kind of intelligence to have if you want to move onward and upward faster. Get your free list today.

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