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012: Jesse Jackson: I was deeply hurt

//012: Jesse Jackson: I was deeply hurt

012: Jesse Jackson: I was deeply hurt

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Podcast Show Notes with Jesse Jackson

Jesse tells his story of a time when he was terminated and how for the first time in his life he felt so inadequate. After his boss shared the reason with him Jesse knew he needed to make a change. Jesse learned he needed to self-engage at work to stand out above the rest. He learned that his effort was needed to find more fulfillment personally and professionally. Listen to Jesse tell his story of pain, transformation, determination and resilience to help you move onward and upward faster.

Jesse Jackson grew up as a Military Brat and went to 12 different schools during 1st through 8th grade.  One of his earliest memories is going to work with his Grandmother who managed a Post Exchange located in Fort Polk Louisiana.  She would allow him to pick out all the comic books he wanted.

For over 30 years Jesse has worked in a contact center with roles in inbound sales, outbound telemarketing, customer service, technical support, been an agent, a supervisor, manager & a director. He believes that successful contact centers strive for excellent customer service, a culture of constant improvement and a place where you should laugh often.

Jesse lives in Dallas Texas with his lovely bride Linda. They are proof that a mixed marriage can work.  She is currently training for her first Ironman Triathlon while Jesse is at home watching way too much TV and reading way too many comic books.

Jesse loves podcasting and is the host of Next Stop Everywhere: A Doctor Who podcast as well as Storming the Castle, a podcast all about the ABC show Castle.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Listen to Jesse Jackson to get over the hump @FastLeaderShow Click to Tweet

“If you’re dumb surround yourself with smart people.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet

“If you’re smart surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“If mine is the only idea on the table, it’s the best idea.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“Collaboration is the most successful management style.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“Clear the air and then move forward.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“Whatever the hardship, whatever the challenge, figure out what to do and move forward.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“When you can, fight your fight and shoot for the goals you want.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

“Sometimes you need to have faith in yourself…and you need to do it.” -Jesse Jackson Click to Tweet 

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Hump to Get Over

Jesse was told by his boss that he was going to be terminated. His boss told him that while he was happy to have a job, he was not happy to have this job; and he needed someone that wants this job. Jesse was hurt deeply because it was the first time where he felt he was not good enough. That’s when Jesse realized he needed to change his outlook and behavior to give more and ask others if they need help. He decided to put himself out there through volunteering and taking risks which ultimately has led him to greater career and financial success.

Leadership Epiphany

The teacher’s pet are the leaders in business. They are not brown nosing or sucking up they are saying, “I want to help the company succeed.”

Advice for you

Fight your fight, live your dreams, work on what you believe in.

Holding him back from being an even better leader

Lack of confidence

Best leadership advice ever received

Love what you do and trust your instincts.

Secret to Success

Honesty and willingness to help

Best resources in work or life

Friends and a network to reach out to and to ask, “what would the hero do.”

Recommended Reading

The One Minute Manager

Contacting Jesse




Via email: jesee.jackson2 [at]

More Resources

54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Competencies List: Emotional Intelligence has proven to be the right kind of intelligence to have if you want to move onward and upward faster. Get your free list today.

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Your Fast Leader Show host is Jim Rembach. Jim is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner, Certified Employee Retention Specialist, Certified Better Place to Work Expert, and frequently quoted industry expert.
  • Jesse Jackson

    Jim – thank you for the chance to talk about Leadership and getting over the hump! It was lots of fun. I hope others enjoy listening to it as much as I loved recording it.

  • Kevin Bayer

    Having just been promoted to supervisor at my job, I look forward to listening to this! (Hi Jesse!)