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009: Diane Magers: I had to go back and pick them up

//009: Diane Magers: I had to go back and pick them up

009: Diane Magers: I had to go back and pick them up

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Podcast Show Notes with Diane Magers

Diane was hitting the wall and leaving people behind. Her strategic skills were rendered ineffective because people were not connecting with her. While Diane was able to connect the dots quickly she was not connecting them for her team. Join me as Diane tells her story and shares much more about how to connect with people where they are.

Diane Magers has more than 20 years of building and growing CX focus. Currently with AT&T’s Office of the Customer, she is responsible for building and innovating customer and associate engagement.

Prior to AT&T, Diane launched Customer Experience Catalysts as a consultancy and thought leader for companies who were launching or progressing their CX frameworks. She also developed and led Customer Engagement at Sysco Corporation.

Today, she is laser focused on driving business results through improved customer experiences. In addition, she frequently presents at CX industry conferences and events and works with various CX associations on thought leadership content.

She holds an M.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), and Promoter Score (NPS), Voice of Customer (VoC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) certified.  Additional affiliations include CXPA (founding member), LUMA Institute, Board member for CXPA Certification and active volunteer for the Autism Society of American and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She resides in Dallas with her family.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Listen to @DianeMagers helping people get over the hump. Click to Tweet

“At the end of the day, have you made a difference?” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“It’s not about you.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Make it about the person you’re with.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“They get satisfaction knowing that somebody understands me.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“When you are in a tough spot and you’ve built rapport, they will follow you into the fire.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“It’s not money that really drives people it’s about value, recognition, and their growth.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“When I stopped focusing on milestones and looked at how I could move people, it all clicked.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“It’s really critical to make that first move to open the door with people.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Where can I really get to the heart of that person?” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“We’ve got to care for people and pay attention to how they’re feeling.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Innovative sessions in the day can just pump people up.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Use moments where you know people hit the wall as times to innovate.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“While I could see the big picture, I need to start where they are.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“I had to go back and pick people up in the race and walk with them.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Making associations with everybody is critical because everyone is important.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

“Stop thinking about all the things that can go wrong, just go for it.” -Diane Magers Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Diane was going through an 80-hour week implementation project when the cross-functional team she was part of was totally exhausted. That’s when Diane knew an interruption to break the tension was needed. That’s when the focus and the energy of the team lit up and they got over the hump. From then on Diane began to make sure emotional conversion became part of her routine practice. Listen to the show to find out how Diane applies her knowledge in psychology so you can find your way faster.

Leadership Epiphany

You have to take risks and pay attention to where people are and help them to move from not feeling so great to I feel so much better.

Holding her back from being an even better leader


Best leadership advice ever received

It’s not about me, it’s about the people that I am with.

Secret to Success

Asking the tough questions nobody else wants to ask.

Best resources in work or life

The belief in the human spirit.

Recommended Reading

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Contacting Diane

Via email: dimagers [at]

More Resources

54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Competencies List: Emotional Intelligence has proven to be the right kind of intelligence to have if you want to move onward and upward faster. Get your free list today.

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