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007: Chuck Udzinski: I’m like a hair in a biscuit

//007: Chuck Udzinski: I’m like a hair in a biscuit

007: Chuck Udzinski: I’m like a hair in a biscuit

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Podcast Show Notes with Chuck Udzinski

What Chuck believed when he was given the responsibility to drive customer satisfaction as high as possible was that the rest of the organization would pay attention to the customer results. Join me as Chuck tells the story of what he and his team decided to do when the organization decided to focus somewhere else. Learn how they moved forward and obtained success.

Chuck Udzinski was born the oldest of six children and from an early age was instilled with the responsibility to protect and care for his younger siblings, which he still is dedicated to doing today.

Chuck has been working since the age of 14. Other than that job, as a paper boy, Chuck has had a career of jobs where he was responsible for helping others run their business.

Chuck says his best job was working for a decade for a McDonald’s franchisee, because he was able to get the opportunity to experience all aspects of a business, from P&L management, people management, and technology and process.

He retired from Black & Decker but he’s not done. He is currently a client success manager with Oracle, helping customers of Oracle receive the most value from the application they purchase.

Chuck is most proud of the fact that he’s been part of raising a son and daughter that are positive contributors to society and being a Pop Pop to his grandsons Corbin and Aiden.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Listen to @ChuckUdzinski getting over the hump on the @FastLeaderShow Click to Tweet

“We’re not saving babies here, it’s just stuff, let’s get to it.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“If you’re through changing, you’re through.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“If you don’t keep reinventing yourself you’ll fall to the wayside.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“You must invest in yourself in order to keep moving forward.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“It’s a constant evolving to make yourself marketable, in an ever changing marketplace.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“Until you’re dead, you’re not done.” Jim Rembach Click to Tweet

“I put my elbows out this morning and they didn’t touch wood, so I got out of bed.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“I really just want to feel like I’ve made a difference at the end of the day.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“We cannot control what’s happening above us.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“You must believe that the folks that work for you want to do a good job.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“No one gets up in the morning to come to work to do a bad job.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

“I’m like a hair in a biscuit, you just can’t get it out of there.” Chuck Udzinski Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Chuck was the head of Customer Care for Black & Decker with a directive to drive customer satisfaction but was met with the challenge of trying to move the rest of the organization to be more customer-centric. After several attempts and mass frustration Chuck and his team decided to end the frustration of trying to control things that were outside of their control. That’s when Chuck and his team began to move onward and upward faster. Listen to the show to find out how Chuck and his team found a better way, so you can find your way faster.

Leadership Epiphany

We were going to focus on what we could control and that was the attitude of the folks that worked for me and we focused on the goals and opportunities that we could achieve on our own.

Holding him back from being an even better leader

My ability to understand that I can’t change everything I think needs changing.

Best Leadership Advice Received

To stay focused, believe what you are doing, and don’t let the noise that surrounds you get in the way of reaching your goals.

Secret to Success

I just cannot stand when someone says we can’t change that or we have always done it this way.

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Contacting Chuck

Via email: cudzinski [at]

More Resources

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