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001: Lesley Lykins: Don’t tell the commanding officer

//001: Lesley Lykins: Don’t tell the commanding officer

001: Lesley Lykins: Don’t tell the commanding officer

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What did Lesley do when she was steering a massive battleship in Iraq and headed for a big oil tanker; at the age of 23? Join me as Lesley Lykins shares her story as a young naval officer trying to get her crew to get on board.

Learn how that moment shaped her career and life and how you can take the insights she shares to move onward and upward faster.

Lesley Lykins was raised on a farm in Minerva, Ohio. She followed her father’s lead by serving in the United States Navy and was commissioned as an officer in 2001 through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) at Boston University where she graduated from the School of Management with a degree in General Management.

She started her naval career in San Diego, California and after three years she transferred to the Navy’s Public Affairs Community and worked on several projects including overseeing media relations for Explosive Ordnance Disposal units.

She left active duty following her assignment at the Pentagon where she helped establish the Navy’s social media efforts.

She is currently employed as the Director of Member Engagement for the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) where she brings the leads of both big and small brands together to collaborate and share best practices around customer experience, employee engagement and customer culture.

She spends time fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, participating as a leader in her church and is a wife and mother.

Tweetable Quotes and Mentions

Check out @lyfsgr8 on the @FastLeaderShow Click to Tweet

“In the end, after everything else is done you still have your family.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Give people something compelling & engaging that they want to own.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Implement from their perspective to motivate them to get on board.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet or Get Video

“It took a lot…to learn how to engage & interact with somebody so opposite.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Is it easier to steer a warship or a naval executive?” -Jim Rembach Click to Tweet

“There is an incredible amount of leadership I have been able to witness.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Social media was not evil.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Best job in the world. I work with 3500 people that love people.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

“Keep your emotions in check.” -Lesley Lykins Click to Tweet

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Hump to Get Over

Lesley was commanding a group of sailors getting ready to go on shore leave in India. Lesley had a great idea for a community service project to help out a local orphanage. But her eighteen and nineteen year-old subordinates had other ideas.

Lesley was in charge. Or was she? Thing did not go as she planned. Listen to her story and see what she did and learned and how it made her a better leader.

Her story may just help you from repeating the same mistakes so you can move onward and upward faster.

Leadership Epiphany

While it took a few lessons for it to come. I have better success when I control my emotions and focus on learning what inspires them.

Best Resource

I really enjoy reading articles and books.

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