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Transformational Leadership: Changing the World by Changing Myself

By listening to our customers, by serving them, by seeking to understand them, and have insight to their needs and pains, we grow ourselves as leaders. According to a study by KPMG, 53% of executives do not realize sustainable value from business transformation. I assume the reason for this is that they focus so much …

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How Playing at Work Can Help Improve the Customer Experience

Learn the Importance of Play in Enhancing the Customer Experience Playing at work have been traditionally unacceptable in the workplace. As adults, we think playing is childish and working meant being serious all the time. However, based on what we see from top performing companies in the world today, play has been an important aspect …

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Customer-Centric Innovation - Fast Leader Show - Dennis Geelen

311: Dennis Geelen – Customer-Centric Innovation

DENNIS GEELEN show Notes Page In this episode of the Fast Leader Show, Dennis Geelen shares his insights on the importance of customer-centric innovation and why you should apply it in your call center or business. According to research, 75% of businesses don’t make it past year 15. Dennis Geelen believes that the cause for …

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310: Nir Bashan – Filling the Creativity Gap in CX

Nir Bashan Show Notes Page In this episode of the Fast Leader Show, Nir Bashan shares his knowledge and insight on how to be more creative in your contact center and help fill the creativity gap in your customer experience strategy. Leaders and executives today struggle to find new and innovative ideas to meet the …

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307 Cliff Goldmacher – Songwriting and Innovation for Business

307: Cliff Goldmacher – Songwriting and Innovation for Business

Cliff Goldmacher Show Notes Page The goal of a creative leader should always be to drive innovation for business. However, innovation for business is something very difficult to do on a consistent basis. Where do you get the inspiration? How do you exercise your creativity muscles that enable you to drive consistent innovation for business? …

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