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Edward Marshall - What is Collaborative Leadership and How to Apply it in Customer Experience

What is Collaborative Leadership and How to Apply it in Customer Experience?

Collaboration creates ethical and trust-based relationships with the customer, and it is important to learn collaboration skills to help you do that. Have you ever wondered why geese fly in a V-formation? Scientists gives us two explanations, and we can actually learn a lot important collaborative leadership lessons from them! First, it’s about energy conservation. …

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How Playing at Work Can Help Improve the Customer Experience

Learn the Importance of Play in Enhancing the Customer Experience Playing at work have been traditionally unacceptable in the workplace. As adults, we think playing is childish and working meant being serious all the time. However, based on what we see from top performing companies in the world today, play has been an important aspect …

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Character Development in CX - Jim Loehr - Fast Leader Show

312: Jim Loehr – Character Development in CX

Jim Loehr show Notes Page Character Development in CX is one of the foundations for being able to deliver the best possible experience for the customer. People never forget the way they are treated by others, and each person wants to be treated with respect, dignity, and truth. Every single customer wants and deserves to …

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