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Must Have Customer Experience Conversations 1200x628

Must Have Customer Experience Conversations

Building Consistent Customer Engagement through Effective Team Communication When companies don’t foster open communication and establish regular, open conversations, they may experience inconsistency in customer experiences, decreased productivity, missed opportunities, low employee morale, and decreased customer satisfaction. These issues can negatively impact the success and growth of the business. In this episode, David Avrin stresses …

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Ignite a Shift to Achieve Greater Results 1200x628

Ignite a Shift to Achieve Greater Results

Learn what it takes to go from decent to exceptional. Persuasion and influence are essential skills for leaders to succeed in their professional lives. There is no doubt that every organization will face challenges, but with every challenge comes the opportunity to influence outcomes. When you need to win business, win support for a proposal, …

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332 Darja Gutnick - Bite-Size Learning for First-Time Leaders - 1280x720

Bite-Size Learning for First-Time Leaders

Understand the changing landscape of media consumption and how leaders can be equipped through microlearning. Media consumption preferences have changed over the past few years. People want to consume information faster on their own terms. Traditional learning programs and long-form content is being replaced with quick, bite-sized information. With the next generation of leaders on …

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302: Nathanael Zurbruegg - Overcoming Life's Greatest Challenges

302: Nathanael Zurbruegg – Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges

Nathanael Zurbruegg Show Notes Page Nathanael Zurbruegg has been chronically ill since he was 3 years old. He has been through 3 failed kidney transplants, over 4300 Dialysis treatments, and 3 lung infections. Doctors have said he shouldn’t be alive for 6 times by now! Having been through this many challenges in life, Nathanael shares …

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301: Patrick S. Frazier - Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Win

301: Patrick S. Frazer – Helping Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Win

Patrick S. Frazier Show Notes Page Patrick S. Frazier was working in IT when he got promoted into Operations. Filling in the new seat, Patrick experienced many struggles in leadership, specifically in delegation. He tried to delegate, but the result was a bad employee experience. His boss visited him and spent some time with him …

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