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060: John Tarnoff: We didn’t see this coming

John Tarnoff Show Notes John Tarnoff was the co-founder of a tech start-up in the late 1990’s. In the middle of 2001 the tech sector collapsed and John and his partner lost several deals due to the downturn. After a meeting with their lead investor, they decided to bring in someone to help them raise …

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Character Development in CX - Jim Loehr - Fast Leader Show

312: Jim Loehr – Character Development in CX

Jim Loehr show Notes Page Character Development in CX is one of the foundations for being able to deliver the best possible experience for the customer. People never forget the way they are treated by others, and each person wants to be treated with respect, dignity, and truth. Every single customer wants and deserves to …

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Alex Castro | Measure, Execute, Win

263: Alex Castro: What’s your readiness score?

Alex Castro Show Notes Page Alex Castro found that ninety percent of his clients were not in a position of readiness when he was brought in to help with growing and transforming their businesses. As a result, he started to leverage a readiness assessment as part of the onboarding process that helped to avoid strategic …

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Ed Muzio | Iterate

211: Ed Muzio: I needed to iterate

Ed Muzio Show Notes Page Ed Muzio was running an industry forum for the first time. While he followed the advice he received he missed a few key elements and the meeting went off the rails. Ed was the one that needed to fix it but he didn’t know how. Ed has bounced around the …

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Danita Bye - Millennials Matter

186: Danita Bye: This is not about complaining – it’s about doing

Danita Bye Show Notes Page Danita Bye and her husband decided to buy a snowmobile sleigh manufacturing company. Then El Niño moved in and stayed for three years. Danita was angry at everyone. Then a mentor told her to stop playing the blame game. That’s when she developed the catalyst question. Danita grew up on …

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042: Leadership Development Return on Investment: For Organizations, Teams and You

Leadership Development Return on Investment Show Notes Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) in leadership training and development is considered to be an important element in Human Resources and beyond. The ROI of training and development is frequently a topic presented and discussed at conferences, workshops and professional associations. Journals and media regularly present the …

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