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Olga Mizrahi - The Gig Is Up

178: Olga Mizrahi: I publicly thanked them for the negative review

Olga Mizrahi Show Notes Page Olga Mizrahi knows that reviews are part of the gig economy and the future of work. So, after reading a negative review about her book she had three choices that we all can choose to take. After much contemplation, she decided to respond publicly in a way that’s surprising and …

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Lori Bocklund of Strategic Contact

172: Lori Bocklund: Life’s too short to live this way

Lori Bocklund Show Notes Page Lori Bocklund and her husband lived in the Washington DC area during 9/11 and then the anthrax scare and the DC sniper. She was living in constant fear. Despite loving where they lived, they decided to move. But they didn’t know here they wanted to live. After finally figuring that …

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Jeffrey Shaw - Lingo

159: Jeffrey Shaw: I was going to dominate the world

Jeffrey Shaw Show Notes Page Jeffrey Shaw was tops in his class and returned home to launch his new business. Ready for success, Jefferey spent three long years moving down the path to failure. After he gave his best sales pitch ever, he realized how off he was trying to promote the message of his …

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Darrin Poole Clear Action

158: Darrin Poole: It was a challenge to my leadership

Darrin Poole Show Notes Page Darrin Poole was challenged as a leader. He had to engineer a mindset shift. He suspended the normal drills and implemented a game changing tactic that dramatically changed their performance and helped everyone get over the hump. Darrin was born and raised in a small town near Pinehurst, NC… and …

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Peter Lisoskie on the Fast Leader Show - Chatbot Nation

155: Peter Lisoskie: Sure, I’ll bet my job on it

Peter Lisoskie Show Notes Page Peter Lisoskie bet his job on a new idea. After numerous failures, Peter finally obtained 7 patents for his effort. Since then, Peter has focused his innovation on emotionally connected user interfaces to create interactive conversational brand experiences to shape messaging experiences for companies and their customers. Peter was raised …

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114: Nancy Porte: I felt it in my bones

Nancy Porte Show Notes Nancy Porte was in customer service and knew that many of the problems they were reacting to should have never happened in the first place. So she decided to take on new job responsibilities with no additional pay increase to prove her point. The light bulbs came on above executive’s heads …

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