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John DiJulius | The Relationship Economy

Relationship is the differentiator today

John DiJulius Podcast Notes John DiJulius, III looked back on mistakes and regrets and found a pattern. He’s always been the underdog, and when he takes that chip off his shoulder and feels he deserves the recognition he’s received; he ends up in a bad place. John was born and raised on the East side …

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Joe Dunlap | Now is the time to stop training

248: Joe Dunlap: It’s time to stop training

Joe Dunlap Show Notes Page Joe Dunlap is the son of a US Air Force officer and spent most of his youth moving every two years from one Air Force base to another along with his younger sister.  He is a second-generation Bachelor and Master degree graduate. Joe entered into Learning and Development by accident.  …

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Charles Conn | Bulletproof Problem Solving | Future Skills

246: Charles Conn: You can easily take apart almost any problem

Charles Conn Show Notes Page Charles Conn used a really simple tool to solve the problems for a company with thousands of employees. It was this humble beginning which now finds Charles on a quest to solve the problems of the world. Charles Conn was born in Phoenix Arizona to half Canadian, half American parents, …

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Risto Siilasmaa | Transforming Nokia

245: Risto Siilasmaa: I realized I was practicing Paranoid Optimism

Risto Siilasmaa Show Notes Page Risto Siilasmaa led Nokia in one of the most successful and largest corporate transformations ever. He creates Paranoid Optimism in keeping the organization out of bankruptcy to thriving in a rapidly changing marketplace. Risto was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. He had a younger sister, who taught him to …

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Chris Griffiths | The Creative Thinking Handbook

243: Chris Griffiths: Knowledge is no longer power

Chris Griffiths Show Notes Page Chris Griffiths sold his company at the age of 26 and thought that he had the knowledge to turn anything into gold. After losing his home and several cars he learned that it’s not knowledge that creates success, but instead it’s the ability to improve your creative thinking skills. Chris …

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Chris Duffey | Superhuman Innovation | AI

235: Chris Duffey: Human imagination is the limitation for AI

Chris Duffey Show Notes Page Chris Duffey started as a content creator and creator of digital customer experiences and he witnessed first-hand the power of the intersection of human creativity amplified by artificial intelligence. But nothing prepared him for the moment when the publisher asked for the next chapter and all he had was a …

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