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Persuasion and influence are essential skills for leaders to succeed in their professional lives. There is no doubt that every organization will face challenges, but with every challenge comes the opportunity to influence outcomes. When you need to win business, win support for a proposal, or persuade clients to sign a contract, it’s your persuasive skills that will help you achieve your goals.

But how can you master such a skill? What is at the heart of it? What does it take to acquire and build influence and persuasion to the point where you are able to effectively use it to take your organization to the next level and shift from being a decent leader to being an exceptional one?

In this episode, Stephen McGarvey shares with us how you can ignite a shift to achieve greater results. He shares his experience and knowledge with regard to influence and persuasion and how you can effectively apply it to become an even better leader today.

Stephen McGarvey was born in Belfast, Ireland, and immigrated to Canada with his family when he was four years old, settling in the Greater Toronto area. Stephen grew up with his mother and father and two siblings. His family fostered his faith in God and encouraged his curiosity and determination. He is continually inspired by his wife, Natalie, whose unconditional love and support have been instrumental to his success and happiness.

An admirer of Harry Houdini, Stephen loves the subject of magic and has even been known to wow an audience with his sleight-of-hand tricks. Stephen also loves to travel, and he and Natalie have enjoyed many world cruises and adventures together, exploring new cuisines and cultures and meeting fascinating people. 

Although successful now, Stephen faced challenges early on. As a child, he struggled in school, and after being told he had a learning disability, he failed grade two. Still, Stephen persevered and continued his lifelong love of reading and learning, propelled by a fascination with how different people think and process information. 

As a mature student, Stephen entered university to study interior design, and halfway through his degree discovered the fields of neurolinguistics and hypnosis, topics that ignited his curiosity. Fascinated, he changed his focus of study to neurolinguistics. 

After graduation, Stephen began a private practice in counseling and coaching. One of his clients was a corporate trainer who found his techniques so helpful that she asked him to speak at her company’s sales and marketing event. Stephen enjoyed that experience so much that in 2001 he and Natalie launched Solutions in Mind, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the psychology of persuasion and influence. 

The team at Solutions In Mind helps people understand how their brain works – that thinking impacts emotion which drives behavior. Now, 21 years later, Stephen is an internationally renowned speaker and best-selling author whose expertise is relied on by C-suite leaders and their teams worldwide.

Stephen’s current release is Ignite a Shift: Engaging Minds, Guiding Emotions and Driving Behavior. 

Stephen loves being able to positively impact how people think and communicate, and through the success of his businesses, he and Natalie can give to several charities like Ratanak International, which supports survivors of human trafficking. 

Stephen currently lives in Oakville, Ontario, with his wife, Natalie. 

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“It’s less about banging our heads. It’s about having that grit and determination to learn from others and our past experiences, and to apply those learnings as we move forward.” – Click to Tweet

“The prerequisite to influence and persuasion is rapport.” – Click to Tweet

“The one thing that lies at the heart of persuasion and influence is the ability to connect with people.” – Click to Tweet

“Mastering the craft of influence and persuasion is an ongoing journey. It can take a lifetime to master, but every day you can take steps in the right direction.” – Click to Tweet

“The ones that are focused on the differences are the ones that experience the most stress, disconnection, or discomfort in engaging.” – Click to Tweet

“If we focus on the similarities, it gives us a lot more confidence to engage in a certain fashion.” – Click to Tweet

“Be yourself, be real, and focus on the similarities.” – Click to Tweet

“Our goals need to be stated in the positive if we’re going to have a chance of succeeding them, because if we’re focused on what we don’t want, we’re just going to get more of it.” – Click to Tweet

“If you have a strong enough and a compelling enough “why” to accomplish a certain goal, your unconscious mind will find ways of getting you there.” – Click to Tweet

“Anything we vividly imagine, our nervous system and our body reacts as though it’s real.” – Click to Tweet

“Whatever we keep our brains focused on, we tend to manifest in our lives.” – Click to Tweet

“When leaders are in a position where they’re willing to make themselves vulnerable, it encourages growth within the organization.” – Click to Tweet

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Emotional intelligence.

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Anything by Chip and Dan Heath

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