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The key to success is frictionless processes.

Delivering great customer experiences is essential for any business that wants to be successful. In order to do so, it’s important to focus on meeting and exceeding customer expectations, providing high-quality products and services, and building strong relationships with customers. 

One way to deliver great customer experiences with less effort is to use technology and automation to streamline processes and improve efficiency. This can include using customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage customer interactions, automating routine tasks, and using artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized experiences. Additionally, investing in training and development for customer-facing employees can help ensure that they are equipped to deliver great experiences.

In this episode, Bill Price shares how to deliver great customer experiences with less effort. Learn how frictionless organizations create products and services that work so well, their customers never need to contact them for the wrong reason, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and creating loyal fans.

Bill Price grew up in Towson outside of Baltimore, a 12th-generation Marylander whose ancestor Thomas Price arrived from Wales on one of the two founding ships in 1634. He played a lot of sports, including soccer (as his father did in high school and college) into his 40s, baseball, gymnastics, and track, where he was a fair quarter-miler. Scouting, school choirs, and church activities also kept him busy. Bill’s parents instilled in his younger sister and him a respect for American history with numerous field trips.

Bill ventured out of Maryland to attend college at Dartmouth in New Hampshire, where he earned an NROTC scholarship, beginning a life-long wanderlust that has taken him to 92 countries, his favorites being Cambodia, Japan, and San Marino. He deferred business school for a 5-year tour with the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer on a guided missile destroyer and an Assistant Professor of Naval Science at the UC Berkeley NROTC unit, where he taught American military history. After arriving in California, Bill never looked back!

Bill’s first job after graduating from Stanford Business School was with the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company in its San Francisco and Stockholm offices. He loved the combination of teaching and problem-solving that McKinsey reinforced, extending his travel bug across Europe and Asia.  

Afterward, Bill decided to move as far from management consulting as possible and landed a job as CFO for a start-up IVR service bureau in San Francisco. He and his first wife welcomed two beautiful and spirited daughters, and they traveled together to Kauai, Whistler, the Atlanta Olympics, and many other places. After MCI acquired that company, Bill built out MCI Call Center Services, which spanned 2,100 agents performing inbound care, over 100,000 network-based routing and automation ports, and a location and productivity consulting arm.

Bill then pursued a VC deal for a proto-cloud services company he called eCare but became Amazon’s 1st Worldwide VP of Customer Service in his new hometown of Seattle. Together with a passionate and dedicated team, Bill helped Amazon achieve the highest-ever ACSI score, enhance its “customer ecstasy,” and reduce the need for customer contacts by implementing his vision for “the best service is no service.” After almost three years, Bill left the Amazon pressure cooker to hang out his shingle to teach companies how to balance cost controls and customer experience, which continues to excite him. 

Bill has co-authored three books with David Jaffe who is based in Melbourne, Australia; his 4th book will be a memoir of his grandfather who served in the US Navy in WW1 and WW2.

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The Pacific War Trilogy by Ian Toll

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