page title icon Company Alignment: How to Bring Your Company’s Strategy, Culture, and Operations Together

Grow your company’s profits and make significantly bigger differences in your outcome through proper alignment.

Misalignment is one of a company’s biggest sicknesses. It constantly drags down results and reduces profitability. Instead of just accepting the symptoms of misalignment, you could have sustained results. All it takes is to align your company’s strategy, culture, and operations.

The key to success is to change team mindsets, measure team outcomes, and monitor progress. That’s all there is to it.

In this episode, Wayne Washington shares his experience on how your company can apply these changes and achieve proper alignment to reach strategic goals.

Wayne Washington was born and raised in Philadelphia to a mother and father who met in the Philly area and were married in 1945. Wayne has an older sister who lives in the Boston area. Wayne always has had a love for math, which became evident with his winning the Lawnside Public School Math Award when he graduated from the eighth grade in Lawnside New Jersey. 

Wayne developed a desire to learn more about computers in the 1960’s. That desire became the major reason Wayne chose to enroll in Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio and pursue a degree in electrical engineering. Wayne’s college years were highly instrumental in laying the foundation for the man Wayne is today.  In addition to receiving his Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering on time, Wayne developed his authentic and relatable interpersonal skills as a member of the Delta Sigma Phi social fraternity. 

Wayne began his work career at Joseph E Seagram’s & Sons Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana as a maintenance/utility shift supervisor. Wayne then went to work for Emerson Electric Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then Merrell National Laboratories as a project engineer. Wayne then moved on as a project engineer at Ford Motor Company’s Engine Division in Detroit, Michigan, before accepting his last project engineering position at the Mead Johnson Division of Brystol Myers Squibb in Evansville, Indiana. 

Throughout his career, Wayne has lead transformation projects that required system and process changes and most importantly, people engagement. Wayne also expanded his team building skills to include the local utility company, the Small Business Administration and various national and local vendors to win the United States Department of Commerce: ‘National Energy Award’ for the best industrial energy project in the United States.

Wayne took his knowledge, skills, and abilities and founded Facility Management & Engineering (FME) in 1997 and has learned to become a successful entrepreneur through the school of hard knocks. FME provides management systems for the operation of a client’s facility-related activities. FME also provides support services for both short-term & long-term facility planning and cost control. 

In addition, Wayne also launched Grow Company Profits to help organizations outside of the facility management space achieve sustained profitability that funds their managed growth. 

Wayne shows CEO’s how much money they are leaving on the table as a result of their company experiencing:

1.) Disengaged Employees. 

2.) Unnecessary Complexity. 

3.) Hidden Costs. 

4.) Constrained Growth 

5.) Lack of Joy. 

Wayne helps CEOs simply see how they leave money on the table when their strategy, culture, and operations are misaligned.

Wayne still lives in Evansville Indiana, loves to cook, is divorced, has one son and two grandkids.

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