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255: John DiJulius: Relationship is the differentiator today

2019-12-11T08:29:47-05:00December 11th, 2019|Podcasts|

John DiJulius Show Notes Page John DiJulius, III looked back on mistakes and regrets and found a pattern. He’s always been the underdog, and when he takes that chip off his shoulder and feels he deserves the recognition he’s received; he ends up in a bad place. John was born and raised on the East [...]

254: Darren Gold: Master your code

2019-12-05T09:58:56-05:00December 4th, 2019|Podcasts|

Darren Gold Show Notes Page Darren Gold decided to forgive his mother, but she did nothing wrong. Thankfully, he realized how unfair and unjust he had been and how holding a grudge was disserving. He was learning how to master his code. Darren was born in London, England and moved to the San Fernando Valley, [...]

253: Mary Lippitt: Target what matters when it matters

2019-12-04T02:55:15-05:00November 27th, 2019|Podcasts|

Mary Lippitt Show Notes Page Mary Lippitt was trying to influence her bosses and was rejected. When she was able to finally meet with the top executive, she realized she needed to open her mind and to recognize that her facts contained many gaps and she needed to adjust her thinking. Dr. Mary Lippitt’s early [...]

252: Jack Modzelewski: Talk is Chief

2019-12-04T04:24:51-05:00November 20th, 2019|Podcasts|

Jack Modzelewski Show Notes Page Jack Modzelewski had to be the advocate for what had to be done and the counselor, but also a peacekeeper in the room when the CEO turned combative and argumentative. It was time for speed and reassuring the public and customers they were going to do the right things. Jack [...]

251: Jono Bacon: Communities supercharge business

2019-12-04T04:52:56-05:00November 13th, 2019|Podcasts|

Jono Bacon Show Notes Page Jono Bacon started his journey of building communities as a fledgling young rock star in the UK. As a result of living up to his parent’s expectations he now he provides expertise and advice in this latest era of business. As an expert in community strategy, management, and collaboration Jono [...]

250: Liz Bywater: Slow down to speed up

2019-12-04T04:57:33-05:00November 6th, 2019|Podcasts|

Liz Bywater Show Notes Page Liz Bywater learned how to pivot her career after reflecting on her strengths and opportunities. She now teaches others how to slow down so they are able to speed up and move onward and upward faster. Dr. Liz Bywater grew up on Long Island, NY and spent the majority of [...]

249: Scott Warrick: Resolving employee conflict is simple

2019-12-04T05:02:28-05:00October 30th, 2019|Podcasts|

Scott Warrick Show Notes Page Scott Warrick had a client that all of a sudden stopped communicating with him. After several attempts to connect without response, Scott learned he said something that offended someone during a workshop. After losing a lot of sleep, he resolved himself to the fact that he needed to take care [...]

248: Joe Dunlap: It’s time to stop training

2019-12-04T05:04:33-05:00October 23rd, 2019|Podcasts|

Joe Dunlap Show Notes Page Joe Dunlap is the son of a US Air Force officer and spent most of his youth moving every two years from one Air Force base to another along with his younger sister.  He is a second-generation Bachelor and Master degree graduate. Joe entered into Learning and Development by accident.  [...]

247: Omar L Harris: Leadership giants have gaps

2019-12-04T05:06:35-05:00October 16th, 2019|Podcasts|

Omar L Harris Show Notes Page Omar L Harris coasted on his own individual talent early in his career. The first time he led a team, he began to carry the performance of the team on his shoulders. This caused him to be hospitalized and suffer from panic attacks. Finally, he realized he needed to [...]

246: Charles Conn: You can easily take apart almost any problem

2019-12-04T05:59:20-05:00October 9th, 2019|Podcasts, Videos|

Charles Conn Show Notes Page Charles Conn used a really simple tool to solve the problems for a company with thousands of employees. It was this humble beginning which now finds Charles on a quest to solve the problems of the world. Charles Conn was born in Phoenix Arizona to half Canadian, half American parents, [...]

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